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the famous sound of absolute wreaders
The project "The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders" is a cooperative work by six authors/readers for the radio-show "Kunstradio" of the Austrian broadcasting company ORF. Initiated by netart activist Johannes Auer it takes up a strategy which is participatory and intermedial on several levels.

This is a work by Johannes Auer [concept, direction, website] and the absolute wreaders: Johannes Auer, Reinhard Döhl, Sylvia Egger, Oliver Gassner, Martina Kieninger, Beat Suter and Rene Bauer. The base of the project consists of six existing works of digital literature which served as a knowledge base for the six authors to create new texts. These texts were then edited by a human editor and a machine. And finally these edited texts have been sampled to a radio-show by two actors/wreaders. But the chain of events does not stop here: the six texts of the authors/readers were the material for six new works of digital literature of which at least three deal with visualization of text and metatext in the net-environment. AND-OR is proud of having been able to participate in this award winning project by transforming Reinhard Döhls texts and metatexts.

This project is a truely collaborative and intermedial work on several levels. The six writers and net-activists had the task to read the five works of the other participating writers and eventually assemble or write a new text on those works. The only condition for this text: it should be printable and performable. Thus the six writers took very different approaches in expressing their experience with the works of the others.

But the texts of the six "absolute wreaders" were not performed as integral unities. They got sliced, cut and pasted by a human editor, a machine, a combination of man and machine and they further were digested as collaged phrases, distorted, spit out and commented on by actors/speakers in a reading/dialogue setting and finally in a mind-affected setting. And they served as sort of a source code for six new net-projects.

Grosse Sentenz No. 8:
"Der Text bildet Schleifen und wird rekursiv. Ganz ungelinkt noch. Noch hab ich nicht geklickt. Das gefällt mir. Schleifen und Rekursion erzeugt man nicht durch Links, sondern durch Text.
schranken für alle
schrankwand den beschränkten
schrank schrankt summe aller schränke
das unbeschränkte keine schranke schrankt schränke schranken schränke schrank
Stralsund, 2004, Festival Garage
Berlin, Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz, February 13 to April 4, 2004, p0es1s
Vienna, Radio Ö1, Kunstradio – Radiokunst, September 7, 2003: Literatur ... im Netz ... im Radio – The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders; curated by Johannes Auer
Nottingham UK, August 2003, HtReadings, ACM HyperText 03
First prize for digital literature, public vote in the 2003 competition of dtv and T-Online. Wettbewerb Literatur.digital 2003