An audio version of apple in space. A cooperation of machine and human being. Actor Peter Gorges reads the Döhlian texts, search-expressions are interpreted by computer-generated voices.

The net-literature-project „appleinspace“ plays with the appropriation of the world. The experimental piece of net literature deals with the complete works of Reinhard Döhl and the linguistic and communicative possibilities of internet search engines.

Crossing borders, experiments, the appropriation of reality instead of a depiction of the world, dialogic art, the play with associations: this is Reinhard Döhl's work - accessible at www.reinhard-doehl.de. The Stuttgart based artist died on May 29, 2004. He was always a border crosser between word and image, between symbol and term, moving around between the language of art and the language of literature and art theory. „appleinspace“ is dedicated to him.
It is a multi-layer-hommage experimenting with reality, textual reality as well as with the complete text assemblage of Reinhard Döhl which plays with the unconscious, simularity, and volatility.

Reinhard Döhl's probably most famous work is the concrete Apfelgedicht (Apple Poem) from 1965. The apple is designed with the continuously repeated word "apfel". The words are arranged to form an image of an apple. Visual poetry. And right in the middle is the worm.
But time didn't stand still for the worm either. 30 years later it bites its way through an apple in Johannes Auer's net poem "worm applepie for döhl". The worm is animated - greedy and insatiable. It grows and grows until the apple is eaten. And then the game around worm and apple and Adam and Eve begins again.
„appleinspace“ now refers to Reinhard Döhl's and Johannes Auer's apple art. The Döhlian apple ventures into virtual space and is confronted with a permanent buzz of real thoughts. Thoughts and ideas which can also be found in Reinhard Döhl's complete work infiltrate the apple. However, they don't eat it up, but rather fill the apple with Döhlian ideas.
Vienna, Radio Ö1, Kunstradio – Radiokunst, November 9, 2004: ran – real audio netliterature; curated by johannes auer. mensch - maschine:: apple in space:: search the world.