::this.darkPong documentation
Use your imagination while playing a classic game. You will need it soon to forecast the course of the game.

The original game "Pong" was introduced to a bigger audience via arcade machines and television consoles in the 1970ies. The simple concept of hitting a ball back and forth across the screen with two paddles by two players may be outdated but still strikingly simple and effective in its immersion. The ball gets hit back and forth fast and faster, the player's skill- und fun-level increases. But what happens now if you start losing the visual representation of your playing object? If the ball disappears for a short period of time? Can you imagine the representation of the ball in your mind? Can you create a representation of the representation in order to succeed in the game? Can you imagine speed and movement of the invisible playing object and pretell the position where it touches your goal line? Can you still do it if the representation remains completely invisible?

Have you seen the ball?