qix / volfied / game-based-architecture / digital subconscious
Create a city while playing the game! Gamescape visualizes all playing movements as a 3D-sculpture and all movements of all players as an entire city.
[Latest build: gamescape 26567]

Gamescape is an extension to the retro-game «l1neum» by «la1n». It is visualizing all playing movements of a player as a 3D-sculpture. While as the movements of one player make up a sculpture, all sculptures of all played games of all players are collected on a server and form an entire city: A city consisting of structures which are created by all the gamers' movements.

This visualization of structures shows an ever-expanding universe of movements – finished and unfinished – and serves as a starting ground for a new game. The different shapes of the buildings can be related to the strategies of the individual players. If the player realizes this, he/she can in fact adapt the strategy in order to determine the shape of the buildings and the city.

Finally the gamescapes can be easyly exported into 3d-software for further use. And the exported gamescapes then can be imported as city-scapes into any geographical location in google earth and alter design and aesthetics of a town, city or landscape.

Youtube - video (for a better movies, look at the beginning of the page > movies)

l1neum-sculpture - product of one level of a qix/volfied game
Gamescape Views

view: classic gamescapes (press 1)
view: in a line (press 2)
view: as a square (press 4)
By playing the different levels of «l1neum», the player creates more and more buildings for the ever growing gamescape-city.
Use Gamescape Data

stuttgart, 2007:

find some examples in the google earth 3d warehouse >
Rio de Janeiro 2009: Oi Futuro Cultural Center, FILE Games Rio 2009, december 2 - 18.
Sofia 2008: Czeck Centre, Computerspace, XX edition, october 31 - november 3.
Vienna 2008: City Hall, future and reality of gaming (F.R.O.G.), october 17 - 19.
Kassel 2007: Kunsttempel, Poeticum 07 august 23 to september 23.
Sao Paolo 2007: SESI art gallery, FILE 07 august 13 to september 9.
Stuttgart 2007: City Library, «tell.net» april 27.
Rotterdam 2007: Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Evening of the Ludic Society, april 12.
Stuttgart 2005: House of Literature, Festival «Code, Interface, Concept» november 9 to 11.
Münster 2005, University, «Interactivity of Digital Text», may 22.