metro-wardive nds game AND-OR:: metro-wardive
metro-wardive 1.1o (nintendo ds)
30. May 2009 rejected sniff_jazzbox and wardive.the reason: we should not read out the name of the hotspots.

wardive is an adaptive game with locative levels. it converts wlan-waves into game objects. the wlan conversion uses a streamsearch algorithm which was also used in streamfishing and searchsongs.
>metro wardive game 1.1o download (nintendo ds)

>wardive video - strolling/get a bus (6.2mb)
>the environment - your 'enemy' - pictures

>press about wardive wardive received 3 nominations at the GameDeveloperConference (GDC) in the IndependentGameFestival Mobile:

- "IGF Mobile Best Game"
- "Innovation in Mobile Game Design"
- "Technical Achievement"

what's new? new shield management, musixs by trackermaster, 3d-enemy-models partially generated from hotspot names, more eyecandy, save hotspotlist & some bug fixes (cristal model)

wardive captures the wlans in the immediate area like a wardrive-tool and creates a game. it reads the names of the hotspots in your immediate area and turns them into enemies which try to take over your wardive-cristal. try to fend them off with your touch pen, put your shields up. and don't just stay in one spot. take metro-wardive for a walk or on a ride through town. find out how may enemies hide in the area you are in or pass through. each time you play,metro wardive captures different data and creates a new level for you.metro wardiveis an adaptive game with locative levels. it changes according to its real life location as much as to its virtual data world.

(this game is "proof of concept". it is also possible to use other subconscious streams like searchengine-queries (as used in streamfishing or searchsongs), data from distance sensors or color patterns of your environment or the soundscape of the area. you might be inspired to create a locative adventure in which you hunt for "Sigmund Freud" or fight against the armies of "Zyxel" with queen "petra" in a strategy-game set in the lands of "WireLAN" )

hardware: nintendo ds (homebrew nds on wikipedia >)
playable: on a special card for nintendo ds (supercard, r4, acekard)
install: 1. download zip 2. decompress 3. copy to your card 4. start / start 5. start walking or board a bus
score&levels: add your levels & score here

if you like this you might like the 'sound-version' of this concept as well: sniff_jazzbox >

wardive is an adaptive game with locative levels. the game adapts its level according to the environment of the player, his or her location and mobile or stationary position. it works as an automatic level editor which adapts to change of position and data-flow.

Generate your own levels in your hometown or in any location!


your environment - your enemy : levels generated by the environment

"strolling" or "get a bus" - two of 5 types of levels
wardive - levels in reality - video from a level
Org. Zuerich Levels - Create the levels in the reality

Simple Level: Walk to the Mainstation of Zuerich.> Level in google-maps >


[2008-01-22] wardive game 1.1o - new shield management / musixs by trackermaster / 3d-enemy-models partially generated from hotspot names / more eyecandy / save hotspotlist / bugfixes
[2007-12-29] wardive game 1.o7 (test-release)
[2007-12-07] wardive game 1.o1 - first release

source for 1.1o coming soon
wardive download the Sources ver. 1.o1
San Francisco 2009: Game Developers Conference GDC, Independent Game Festival 2009, march 23 - 27.
Sofia 2008: Czeck Centre, Computerspace, XX edition, october 31 - november 3.
Vienna 2008: City Hall, future and reality of gaming (F.R.O.G.), october 17 - 19.
Bergen 2008: UIB, Landmark Café, electronic literature in europe, september 11 - 13.
Vienna 2008: University of Applied Arts, consciousness reframed 9, july 3 - 5.
Stuttgart 2008: Literaturhaus, Literatur und Strom 2: Netzgeschichten, april 16-18.