Jump into the subconscious of the world. What are people looking for? Get to know their intimate questions and desires.
Streamf1sh1ng: various realities, one interactive space, constant flow of real life ideas (Fireball). Streamf1sh1ng depicts a real-life pattern by pulling together individual fragments of reality into a virtual image. The fragments of reality are thoughts merged into a constant stream of words and thoughts. Making this stream of thoughts visible enables the individual thoughts to interact which each other. This means: the virtual image or world is revealed as an interactive reality of human being and machine and can be used for further communication and exchange of ideas.

You are fishing in a constant stream of thoughts. Catch someone else's thought and put it in your bucket or throw your own idea into the stream and see what happens. The constant stream is supplied by means of a search-engine. Any input in this particular search-engine will show up in the stream. Try to communicate via search-engine.

Streamfishing is an installation in an open public space, where people will pass through. Streamf1sh1ng is presented on a large billboard. The billboard shows a live-stream of what is going on in the world. The stream of ideas will alter the stream of people. (an exhibition version you will find here>)


Linz 2006: ars electronica, honorary mention «net vision»festival aec 2006 august 31 to september 5.
Stuttgart 2005: House of Literature, Festival «Code, Interface, Concept» november 9 to 11.
Münster 2005, University, «Interactivity of Digital Text», may 22.
Toronto 2005: images festival for video and new media «[R][R][F]2005--->XP» april 6 to 17.
Javamuseum 2005: «extasy - the final show» from april 5, permanent.

Streamfishing in squat (Zuerich)
Streamfishing as an «open office» Installation

Honorary Mention «Net Vision» from Ars Electronica 2006, Linz; festival aec 2006