Un(i)real is a game, which plays with the perception of space. It was produced to show the different patterns of creating virtual worlds for games. For that matter AND-OR developed an Unreal Tournament level in which the building of the German department of the University of Zurich was recreated to the degree that it was identifiable for anyone visiting the real building. The project was shown to participants of a conference which took place in the very same building in 2001.
German Department, University of Zurich, Hallway, Stairs South
Lobby Fight
Lobby Sprint
Exterior Facade from Northwest
Central Reading Room
Vitrines with Publications and View to the North
Main Entrance and Lobby
Upper Lecture Hall
Participants of Conference in Upper Lecture Hall
Zurich, University, explorative workshop "space and time in interactive media for children and young adults", November 23 to 25, 2001.