AND-OR:: andorDada( iphone / android )
andorDada (android / iphone)
andorDada is a road poem. You stroll through town and your immediate area generates a poem. You walk further through town or ride on a bus and the poem changes according to your location in town. andorDada is an endless poem; andorDada is adaptive locative Dada. It reads, writes out and interprets the subconscious social structure of a town.

The andorDada software works as an adaptive poetry-tool with locative levels. Iit generates new scenes and environmentsáin the traditions of the situationists. It captures wlan waves in the immediate area of the user and converts the wlan-waves into poetic objects. the wlan conversion uses a streamsearch algorithm which was also used by And-Or in streamfishing, searchsongs and sniff_jazzbox. However the software not only manages to generate subjects and objects, as a crucial addition for the poetic value of the project it manages to create verbs from the captured hotspots. AndOrDada features three distinct modes: The first mode manages to create a story; the second mode generates a narrative with your friends which are being retrieved from the address book; and the tird mode shows a lyric approach and creates a dadaistique poem.


Android (install from Google Play): andordada

iPhone/iPad (rejected by Apple)

andOrDada - an endless road poem - video and reading


AndOrDada was made first for the iphone. We had a developer version ready in late 2008/ early 2009 and filed it with Apple's iTunes store fro free use. It works best while moving through town. It uses similar patterns as Sniff_jazzbox and Wardive. A final version for Android was published in August 2012 and is available for free on Google Play!.

Create your own dada poetry and your own locative story! (Stroll through town, ride a bus, get on a train etc.)

zurich.dada level in google-map >
August 09, 2012. AndOrDada is now available fro free in Google Play Store. It works on Android 2.x upwards. Gets tested by Festival visitors at Playpublik in Berlin, Karl Marx Allee! Runs smoothly on stronger devices.

May 23, 2012. We have a Beta version of AndOrDada for Android 2.x upwards. Confguring and improving it for a guided tour in Stuttgart at the Festival "Laut P". Runs smoothly.

May 30, 2009. Apple REJECTED THIS APP! Similar to WARDIVE FOR IPHONE IT USES HOTSPOTS and does not qualify as an OFFICAL APPLE API! The screeners for Apple's iTunes Store did not answer our emails.
But we will find a way to get this app to you, send us an email. WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT APPLE BUT CAN APPLE REALLY LIVE WITHOUT CREATIVITY?

Karlskrona 2012: Blekinge Institute of Tech., Elmcip Anthology of European Electronic Literature, permanent.
Berlin 2012: Computerspielemuseum, Karl-Marx-Allee, Playpublik - Street Games, august 9 - 12.
Stuttgart 2012: Literaturhaus, Laut P. literatur und strom 4, may 23 - 25.
Ljubljana 2011: City Hotel, ELMCIP E-Literature and New Media Art Symposium, september 22 - 24.
San Diego 2011: Center for Research and Computing in the Arts, UCSD, Writing becomes eclectric, january 27.
Sofia 2008: Czeck Centre, Computerspace, XX edition, october 31 - november 3.
Vienna 2008: City Hall, future and reality of gaming (F.R.O.G.), october 17 - 19.
Bergen 2008: UIB, Landmark CafÚ, electronic literature in europe, september 11 - 13.