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wardive (android) {2011}
wardive_andorid is an adaptive game with locative levels. it converts wlan-waves into game objects and levels. it reads the names of the hotspots in your immediate area and turns them into enemies, that try to take over your wardive-cristal. shield up! and try to fend them off with your touch finger! walk through e-toxic streets in your area, generated by hotspots! defeat hotspots & wlans! generate your own street & neighborhood-levels.
wardive received 3 nominations at the GameDeveloperConference (GDC) in the IndependentGameFestival Mobile:

- "IGF Mobile Best Game" / "Innovation in Mobile Game Design" / "Technical Achievement"
wardive is a unique game concept brought to the android-phones. you can play it anywhere.

- There is also a version for NintendoDS. more >
- The Version for iPhone is fully developped but was rejected by Apple's iTunes Store. more >

hardware: android 2.x+
download & install: wardive (on Google Play/ 300kb) >
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your environemnt - your enemy: levels are generated by your environment

a simple level: walk to the main train station of Zurich

save the cristal, fend off all hotspot enemies


Berlin 2012: Computerspielemuseum, Karl-Marx-Allee, Playpublik - Street Games, august 9 - 12.
Lisbon 2011: Goetheinstitut, Realidades Virtuais Reloaded - Game Art/ Art Games, may 3.
Zürich 2010: Dock 18 (Rote Fabrik), GameArt/ ArtGames, december 17.
San Francisco 2009: Moscone Center, GDC Independent Games Festival Mobile, march 23 - 27.